MHTA's Role in Minnesota's Workforce

The success of a business depends on the strength of its people. In today’s highly competitive technology market, attracting and retaining diverse teams with the technology skills to innovate and grow your business continues to become more and more challenging. The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) brings together the Minnesota technology community to discuss, ideate, and act on the technology workforce challenge. Through deep dive events such as MHTA’s premier workforce event, TechTalent, and through strategic partnerships, MHTA is keeping the workforce conversation active year long.

At TechTalent, we heard Mike McNamara, EVP and CIO of Target Corp provide a view of Target’s technology workforce evolution over the past four years. Target moved from a highly outsourced, large, technology resource footprint to nearly 100% internal employee representation and a significantly smaller footprint. They are having success with several initiatives to increase the number of women and people of color to enable their workforce to better match their customer base. Our members are engaged in sharing their best practices to improve our overall Minnesota technology community.

As technologists, we need data to define our problem and point us to possible solutions. Collaboration with organizations such as RealTime Talent  (RTT), Wilder Research, and GreaterMSP are providing the data that can direct and focus our activities on the most pressing issues.  RTT data shows us that Minnesota will be short 239,000 workers by 2022. Wilder Research shows us changing demographics in Minnesota, with the over–65 population predicted to surpass the school age population before the end of this year. Current methods will not bridge the inevitable gap. We must find new employees through expanded diversity programs, retraining, changing hiring practices, and youth employment.

There are many innovative solutions providers in our community today. Several were highlighted at MHTA’s TechTalent event including ApprentiCreating IT FuturesDougherty Family CollegeGenesis10Keyot, Minnesota State Colleges – IT Center of ExcellencePrime Digital Academy, Software GuildSummit Academy, Twin Cities RiseYork SolutionsGenesys Works, and SciTechsperience, MHTA’s own program to place students as interns in small Minnesota businesses.

We look forward to helping you better understand how these programs can help build your workforce pipeline. To learn more about these programs and other opportunities, check our resources page.