“Working with Pat takes the stress and anxiety out of navigating the complex world of SBIR grants. I am not sure where else I would turn for the guidance and help that has allowed us to be awarded over $1M in non-diluted government grants.”
Andrew Jones, PhD, CEO, Activated Research Corporation

“Whether it is the numerous and differing funding agency requirements, the many unwritten rules or providing and recommending experts to help Pat Dillon and her team at MNSBIR have been and continue to be essential partners in securing SBIR Phase I, Phase II and beyond for Champaign Imaging LLC.”
Curt Corum, PhD, Co-Founder/President, Champaign Imaging LLC

“Pat Dillon and MNSBIR are a valuable resource for small businesses in Minnesota. The US Government has a set-aside program for small businesses called the Small Business Innovation Research program that can provide over $1 million in non-dilutive funding to support innovation and the ability for sole source US Government sales beyond that funding. The process can be overwhelming for businesses just starting out. Pat helped Adventium Labs navigate the process 17 years ago and remains an important resource as we continue to leverage the SBIR program. I frequently send CEOs of small businesses to Pat to help them understand how the program can fit into their overall funding strategy.”
Kyle Nelson, CEO, Adventium Labs

“MNSBIR has been invaluable in guiding us through the SBIR requirements. We consider Pat Dillon as part of our team, with her being involved in understanding our technology to proposing business strategies and align our proposal with SBIR requirements. She has never been shy to ask probing questions or point out if we are on the wrong path. Her ability to visualize our project in the context of the larger SBIR mission has enabled us a 75% success rate.”
Goutham Vemuri, PhD, CEO, Saysa LLC

“I feel that Pat is part of my team on SBIR grant application. On numerous occasion she provided help and guidance on how to deal with NIH, pointed me in the right direction when I needed to find the information, connected me with people experienced in receiving SBIR funding. Our grant application process took more than a year (and is still going) and Pat has always been there for me during this process with her timely responses to my questions, her encouragement and advice. We are very grateful to have such an experienced and outstanding person assisting with us.”
Juliana Elstad, President and CEO, Impleo Medical, Inc.

“We have found your workshops to be extremely informative in helping describe the various forms of potential governmental funding, your feedback on our grant applications to be highly constructive and especially timely when under the crunch of a submission deadline, and your enthusiastic consistently accessible participation to be reassuringly supportive throughout the application process. You provide a tremendous resource that we’ve regularly called upon and will continue to call upon. Thanks for all of your direct support and for supporting the larger entrepreneurial community.”
Brian Larson, CEO, Darcy Solutions

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