As a starting point to determine if you are a good fit for SBIR/STTR Programs, review the Self-Assessment, the info on, read or watch SBIR online tutorials, or attend SBIR discussion groups to learn more before applying to the Phase 0 Technical Assistance Program.

Additionally, the University of St. Thomas, Small Business Development Center, offers a valuable course called Smart Start.  Learn more here.

Download the MNSBIR Self Assessment form (.docx)

What do the SBIR/STTR programs fund?
The SBIR/STTR Programs offer significant funding opportunities across the range of science, technology and engineering to support high risk, high payoff projects through competitive federal research grants and contracts. So, how do you determine if your idea, concept or project is a match? Go to to conduct a search of open and closed research topics. It is easy to do. Plus, think outside the box. Do not judge an agency without looking at their research topics and interests.

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