Developing Minnesota's Next Generation of Technology Leaders

Minnesota High Tech Association ACE Leadership Program develops Minnesota’s next generation of technology leaders. The purpose of the ACE Leadership Program is to develop and connect our region’s next generation technology leaders, and to assist them in preparing for the important roles that they will play in making and keeping our region globally competitive. Through teamwork, mentorship and action learning, the ACE Leadership Program provides invaluable experience and develops our next generation leaders as they move into their leadership roles of tomorrow.

Beginning each February, the program consists of seven day-long sessions over the course of the year. Senior executives from technology, government and education sectors will share lessons learned in their areas of expertise. Participants will discuss ideas and apply them in their own organizations and collaborate with other next generation leaders. MHTA has a strong ACE Alumni group whose graduates meet regularly and continue to work on leadership development as well as community outreach focused on technology.

Investment: The program is $3,350 for MHTA members, $4,350 for non-MHTA members. This includes all meals and one night hotel accommodation for the kickoff session. It includes breakfast, lunch and parking at all sessions and one ticket to MHTA’s Spring Conference.

If you have any question about the program, please contact Claire Ayling at 952-230-4553 or


Former MHTA President & CEO Margaret Anderson Kelliher facilitates the negotiation sections of the program. Kelliher is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School in negotiation. She has a strong background in leadership having served as the Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Kelliher also graduated with honors from Harvard University’s renowned Kennedy School of Government, obtaining a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on Leadership.

Public Speaking

An important component of leadership is the ability to effectively present and communicate your ideas. Presentation training and coaching is provided to participants as part of the ACE curriculum.


Ashley Bremers, Legal Publishing, Thomson Reuters

Participating in the MHTA ACE Leadership program has provided endless value to my professional development. The skills learned in the program helped build the confidence needed to be leader, but the connections made during the course have been a true source of value. The program connected me with events and communities I was not previously exposed to in Minnesota technology. It also provided a space to form lasting relationships with other professionals, ranging across different communities, companies, and perspectives, and who I rely on for ideas and direction. I would not have the valuable network, or the position I currently hold without completing this program. I highly recommend the course to any budding technology individual just getting started, or seasoned professionals who would like to broaden and challenge their current scope of knowledge.

Ashley Bremers | Legal Publishing, Thomson Reuters

Nick Roseth | EVP at SWAT Solutions, Founder of DocuMNtary

MHTA ACE Leadership is a program I would recommend to anyone interested in growing as a leader. From sessions on negotiation to Inspiring leaders in our community, the program is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. Particularly useful is the group as an open forum to discuss real-world leadership challenges and discussions from peers on how to navigate everyday business challenges. For me, the ACE project gave me the opportunity to incubate an idea into a successful project named DocuMNtary – The Story of Tech in Minnesota.

Nick Roseth | Founder, CXO at HOUT Digital, Founder of DocuMNtary

Denise Morelock, Technology Executive, Talent Software Services & WLiT Board

The ACE Leadership program was more impactful than I’d anticipated. The nine months investment re-energized my passion around our Twin Cities technology market and MHTA’s goal of making Minnesota a Top Five Technology State. It also helped me become a better leader not only within my own organization but also within the broader science and technology community. The leadership and negotiations training enhanced my skills overall, connecting me to the broader Minnesota technology leadership community as well as aiding in my work with MHTA’s Tech Experience Tours, Women Leading in Technology, STEM outreach efforts, and other professional endeavors. I highly recommend ACE Leadership!

Denise Morelock | Client Engagement Director, ThreeBridge | Boom Lab & WLiT Board

Tyler Middleton, Telecommunications Executive & MHTA Board Member

MHTA’s ACE Leadership program has been instrumental in growing Minnesota’s next generation of Minnesota’s science and technology leaders for more than 10 years.  I know that as both a graduate and as someone who has recommended it to several colleagues over the years.  Participants come away with a better sense of how they can lead within their own organizations and contribute to our state’s growing science and technology economy.

Tyler Middleton | Telecommunications Executive & MHTA Board Member

2019 Program Schedule

  • Session I: February 21-22 | Oakridge Conference Center, Chaska
  • Session II:  March 21 | State Capitol
  • Session III: April 23 | Carlson School of Management
  • Session IV: May 23 | Carlson School of Management
  • Session V: June 25 | Fueled Collective, Downtown Minneapolis
  • Session VI: (date tbd) | Location TBD
  • Session VII: (date tbd) | Thomson Reuters
  • Small Group Presentation to MN High Tech Association Board of Directors: (October 11)