Research on Minnesota’s High-tech Industries

Minnesota’s high-tech industries play an important role in fueling Minnesota’s prosperity. That’s why it’s important to have a pulse on Minnesota’s innovation economy. To help better inform and contribute to the dialogue regarding our innovation economy, MHTA is devoting more attention to research. Our research is focused on funding of early-stage companies, workforce, and innovation.

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Minnesota Workforce Updates

In today’s fast-changing economic environment, one thing remains the same: the need for a talented workforce. To help provide a better picture of Minnesota’s STEM workforce demand, MHTA has put together a series of weekly workforce updates, ranging from all STEM occupations to those in Information Technology, Medical and Lifesciences, and Science and Engineering. Data for these reports is provided by Talent Neuron with analysis support from Real Time Talent.

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2017 MHTA Annual Report

As the Minnesota High Tech Association begins its 36th year, we are pleased to share this report of the work that MHTA and our members and partners have achieved. For the last 5 years we have been focused on our vision and mission to make Minnesota a top 5 science and technology state.  We are excited to report we have jumped up to 7th in the latest State Technology & Science Index. Take a look at our annual report to learn more about MHTA.

A Review of the State of Science and Technology in Minnesota

Our new report is an update to the “Surveying Minnesota’s Science and Technology Landscape” released last year and examines how Minnesota compares to other states in innovation, looks at industry employment trends, details patent activity, venture capital investments, research at the University of Minnesota and 2016 public policy activity in Minnesota.

Venture Capital Investments in Minnesota: 1995-2016 — UPDATED

Venture capital plays an important role in funding early- and late-stage startup enterprises. The vitality of a state’s venture capital infrastructure is an indicator of a state’s economic and innovation competitiveness. As Minnesota looks to compete with other states around the country to attract and retain a talented workforce and attract innovative businesses, it is important to know how Minnesota compares to the nation, especially some of the most competitive states.

This report is an update to a report published in early 2016. The reason for the updated report one year after its initial publication is that PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s (PwC’s) MoneyTree report now collects its data from CB Insights. This has resulted in a change of sector categorization from those used by PwC and Thomson Reuters.

Surveying Minnesota’s Science and Technology Landscape

Our most comprehensive report to date surveys Minnesota’s science technology landscape, examining Minnesota’s strengths as they relate to science, technology, and innovation in order to better identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration between various high-tech sectors. The report provides an overview of patents issued in Minnesota, funding of early-stage companies, and academic research.

By better understanding the relationships within Minnesota’s innovation economy, Minnesota’s science and technology community can better advocate for policies that support and strengthen this facet of the economy.